Saturday, 17 February 2007

Marking Scheme~

Dear Ian, I wanna know about the particiation in reflection & re-evaluation of own design 4% means what???Is it our participation during the normal studio session???


ian ng said...

Oh, maybe I meant you when I said, "Any marks for this?" in my post on the TOP TEN BOARD.

My dear Celdrick, are you enjoying the course?

You must have looked at your Mark I from afar and critically listed what was "good" and "not so good" about it, right? Well that's called "reflection and re-evaluation". So we want you to present that as well. Tell us about what dawned on you after you'd finished Mark I, and how you intelligently went into Mark II resolved to discard or improve on the "not so good", and to keep and develop the "good". That's not so difficult, is it?

Celdrick Wong! said...

Hehe..i really enjoy it, but not really satisfy for my final product, hehe..mayb not really good enuf(if compare to other students). But what done is done, now have to face the problem which is coming towards me. The presentation!!...Anyway..can i kno wat the different about the value added to original and reflection and reevaluiation???It is bcoz, when we reevaluate our design that means we added value on it already, rihgt???

ian ng said...
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ian ng said...

Value add means you add value, make it better than before. (Not necessarily better than other student's proposals, just better than what yours was before.)