Friday, 16 February 2007


My group have to produce one Group Reference Board---Call it the TOP TEN BOARD---comprising each student's ten favourite/most memorable buildings of all time. This is part of your Session 2 program.

We all have personal favourite buildings, buildings from anywhere in the world and anytime in history. Buildings we can't get out of our minds. We sometimes don't know why we like them, or why we can't get them out of our minds---they just stick there.

So we're going to stick them all on a corrugated modelling card. We'll make a collage, ten images from each one of the 13 of you, plus mine--making a jumble of 140 images.

Cut them up (leave out unnessary background, keep necessary background) bring them in and glue them on ONE OR TWO corrugated cardboards. I think they're about A0 size each. Not less than 1, not more than 2 cards---depending on the total size of our images.

And label them by writing their details on tiny sticky labels stuck on the image. Details? E.g. One of mine will be Willis Faber Dumas Office, Ipswich, UK, 1975, Foster Associates, Ian. (Building name, location, year completed, architect, whose favourite, geddit?)

You guys will have to start a little kitty. There will be group expenses in Session 2.

When? Start collecting your images and data now
When again? We'll do the glueing immediately AFTER the site model is submitted.
Any marks for this? (Was that you, Chern Xi?)


Chern Xi said...

huh? me?

ian ng said...

Hahahaha..."any marks deducted if I don't finish the roof.."

Chern Xi said...

oh. haha.. was abit blur.. happy cny!!