Saturday, 24 February 2007

Site Visit Sunday 25 Feb 2007

I guess I must have caused a flurry with my text about tomorrow's site visit. This came about after my walkabout around the site this afternoon (under an umbrella.) I hadn't thought it would be that challenging from my drive-around a week or two ago. It's not an easy site. But nice. With a great deal of potential for those who like to stretch their imagination. (I can already see some of you smiling away!)

From your replies, half the group will be there. We'll do a walkabout and identify its potential, hazards, unique characteristics, drawbacks, dynamic tension with its surroundings, etc. And we'll begin to verbalise our response---both intuitive and rational---for each other's comment---both off-the-cuff and considered.

Come with your cameras, pen and paper, large scale map of Petaling Jaya (the big sheet one is best---that shows each bungalow lot, and not just streets alone) and maybe a cap or something.

Please be on time as I have to nip off on time for another appointment. 1400h at the top of Jalan Taman 7/5 Petaling Jaya. That's about the middle of the road, where it turns its only bend, behind the PJ Civic Centre. That's the one that has a ship-shaped roof, and it's part of the MPPJ office. It's opposite the State Cinema that's been converted into the Lotus Restaurant. We'll have a drink there if we have time, as we put our plans together.

I've had to arrange it this way because I want most of you to start work on the site analysis and site model on Monday 26. I shall be grading your presentations one by one, and although you can all attend everyone's presentation it is not compulsory to do so. So, as soon as you have presented then pls start simultaneously on a re-visit to the site, site modelling, analysis computerwork, etc. Organise your work into team packages to economise on time. I will brief those visiting tomorrow on the game plan. PLEASE WORK AS A TEAM. That's the only way to catch up with the others in the Semester as they are using last sem's site with the site info all ready in hand! (So Celdrick will be having it easy while we pant away!)

I will post a comment on the presentation schedule after this. See you tomorrow!


Chern Xi said...

mr. ng, im not sure whether il be able to make it anot coz ive no transport n oso im not very sure where's the site..

Celdrick Wong! said...

Although it really easy for me,i dun wan la. I rather want like tat, then i learn how to hv site analysis.i will learn more if do the analysis from the beginning~.Sumtimes fast route not a good thing, right??hehe