Friday, 16 February 2007

Model-maker with a problem

My dear Celdrick, everybody faced the problem, so you're not alone.

- When is a model finished, i ask you? Better question: What is a model for?
- This is not a model-making course. It is a journey in the the growth of creative thinking.
- How do we show growth? By showing differences between the start and finish (and the middle)
- Can there be growth if there's no difference between them?
- Is that why Mark I is still very much part of the final presentation? (Don't worry, Howard.)
- The final presentation is the sum total of your whole 15-minute show on 26 Feb.
- Drawings, models, speeches, writing, diagrams, images, will all participate in the show.
- They will act in ensemble, playing their part, to tell the whole story.
- The key factor in the show is the maestro who will tie everything together.
- The maestro won't be me.

The answer to your question is somewhere in there. If you're still tearing your hair out, let me know.

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