Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dip. Studio 3 - mosque

Idea of the mosque as an urban sanctuary space, a natural environment in an urban context. The sanctuary space is essentially a prayer hall which is a big open space open to nature, providing a small temporary solace from daily activity and spending some time to pray.
Street Façade: Exploring the transition to the internal sanctuary. The journey begins from outside street/pedestrian continouing to internal space. The trellis/louvres provide glimpses of inside space. Monolithic walls which stand out in the streetscape as an imposing structure attracts people to explore which also have gaps between the walls providing glimpses of interior space. The exploration of the space continues to a ramp.
The trellises providing shade also starting that transition to place of worship, starting the separation from the street . The walls and trees act as visual seperation. Trellis providing light and shade on main circulation space. The Sanctuary space which is the prayer hall is essentially a big pavillion space open to nature.
The whole architecture explores the closed internal space. Where tall, monolithic imposing façade expresses a solid mass impression from the outside, but a large open space on the inside. The sense of scale progress from a human scale entrance to a heroic scale on the sanctuary space.

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