Sunday, 13 March 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the PAM Eco Retreat Competition!
...esp. to Car Rol and Kwee How, it was a pleasure running the design program last sem!

* First Prize (USD1,500) - Lee Car Rol of Taylor's University
* Second Prize (USD750)- Stanley Sim Chin Poh and Jong Si Hong of
Limkokwing University (Borneo Campus)
* Third Prize (USD250)- Lim Ker Chwing, Koh Hern Lit, Chok Kwan
Kin and Teoh Jin Yong of Taylor's University


5 Merits (USD100)

* Loo Jie Hsin and Teoh Lee Moi of UPM
* Lim Gim Huang and Lee Woan Wei of UTM
* Chua Kwee How of Taylor's University
* Beta Chan of Limkokwing University
* Eddy Erwan bin Abu Bakar Shamsidin and Lee Joon Kien of
Limkokwing University