Friday, 28 November 2008

Presentation Board + Model tips

I was chatting with Ian on msn and these are few tips he gave me.

1. To compose a REALLY REALLY NICE board cos that will REALLY sell your scheme and get u the marks

2. choose ur BEST image and make that the biggest dominant image on the board. bleed it to 3 sides if u canit means like the image goes right to the edge of your board without borders

3. plans are important so they should be prominently placed and large enuf with just enuf essential info

4. make the plans punchy by putting in shadows. shadows should be v light to give a 3 d effect

5. have a series of images taking ppl for a walk thru the building cos the ROUTE is v important in this project

6. u must put in the TEXTURAL QUALITIES in your bld to show what kind of textures ur bld materials r made of and always ask urself "Does this material have a texture? or is it just flat? flat and white? or has colour and shade? and good to touch?"

7. montage building to site - that's v important to show context how it fits in. with google earth don't make that too big. That can be a "SITE PLAN" 1: 300 OR 400 OR 500

8. HAVE a variety of scales of image parts. that's why it's important to plan ur board layout V V carefully. it's a MAKE OR BREAK situation

9. NO don't do detailed site model. that's to show form and space. to show relationship to site 1:500 and fit it into the Town model and photograph will do. show archtectonic element d at 1:100. 1:500 is blocky

10. nite shots usually more sexy than day shotsso go for it. your Main image can even be a nite shot and the overall colour tone of your board can be dark

11. you need to have A FEW image from inside looking outwards and if u can manage it make it a NIGHT AFTER THE RAIN image cos you'll get lots of nice reflections on wet surfaces

12. Minimum words. think hard about your DESIGN INTENTION and talk about ur design intention. a short "architect's statement" will do. as long as u have many captions, one for each image and illustration so that ppl will fully understand what ur trying to show on the board

13. sections usu work better if they are a bit bigger than plans. but u have to use ur discretion

14. u need to show some planting in ur scheme. to make it more "friendly, green, nice". try to make ur spaces flow into the outside green

15. Impt that u TEST PRINT tomorrow or ur colours and clarity make shock you

****** all my studio mates...please keep ur sanity check always. I'm already goin insaneeeEE!

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Joo said...

Point 15 is not possible. =)