Monday, 27 April 2009


all studios are welcome to attend

@SABD, Taylor's College
Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya

thurs 30 apr 2009

900h: Case Studies by Taylor's
1100h: Thesis Projects by UM

Venue: LT3, Ground Floor, next to restaurant

see you there!


Dip Studio 3: Final Submission
As we announced at the tutorial last Thursday, you are required to submit



Naturally you are not forbidden from submitting both if you wish.

Friday, 24 April 2009


Congrats to the winners and the nurturing enviro and support people!

Excerpt from msg from Tony Liew:

On behalf of my outstanding SABD colleagues, I’m very pleased to announce that two Taylor ’s Diploma in Architectural Technology graduates have achieved success at The University of Melbourne in 2008:

1. Mr. Lee Wei Kit (1st year March student) won 2nd prize in the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Student Design Competition.
2. Ms. Amanda Tan Pei Er (3rd year Bachelor of Architectural Studies student) won the 1st prize for the Great Australian Pub Project sponsored by the Australian Hotels Association.

This augurs well for the future of SABD’s students, in particular the new cohort in the Foundation in Natural and Built Environments that commenced in January 2009 and students in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Architecture) programme that commenced in March 2008.

As is the customary practice in SABD, accolades go to the people responsible for our students’ success: our dedicated full-time and part-time lecturers and the support provided by the staff of the Programme Office. Well done everyone!

Thank you.

Best regards

Tony Liew
Programme Director
Taylor's School of Architecture , Building and Design

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Week 14 already ahh!!

Hi guys and girls.

Hahaha. Just wanna drop by a note reminding you guys that it is already week 14!!


So stress!! All this hard work for a tomorrow that might not even come.

There's no such thing as tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't exist at all. There's only such thing as now. When tomorrow comes, it is called now. Now exist, but tomorrow doesn't. Live by the moment and not to live for a tomorrow that might not even come.

Worry things that are present, not something that will come tomorrow, cause tomorrow never exist.

Say what you need to say now, cause later or tomorrow never exist.

Do what you need to do now, cause only now exist, and you and I are living in it.

Ahh..what a random post. Sorry for spamming here but just wanna remind you guys how real week 14 is!

Monday, 20 April 2009


1300 - 1330: Ellie & Ei Lynn
1330 - 1345: Robin Hohoho
1345 - 1400: Kuan Sien
1400 - 1415:Chii
1415 - 1430: Zaki
1430 - 1445:Yeong Chwen
1445 - 1500: yeefui
1500 - 1515: Jesselyn
1515 - 1530: Wan Jiuan
1530 - 1545: Benny
1545 - 1600: Chai Wei
1600 -1615: Yiejing
1615 - 1630: Wei Jin
1630 - 1700: Jun Yee

1300 - 1330: Ellie & Ei Lynn
1330 - 1345: Robin Hohoho
1345 - 1400: Kuan Sien
1400 - 1415:Chii
1415 - 1430: Zaki
1430 - 1445:Yeong Chwen
1445 - 1500: yeefui
1500 - 1515: Jesselyn
1515 - 1530: Wan Jiuan
1530 - 1545: Benny
1545 - 1600: Chai Wei
1600 - 1615: Yiejing
1615 - 1630: Wei Jin
1630 - 1700: Jun Yee

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Dip Studio 3, Unit 1: Please book ur 15 min slots for Tue 21.4 and Thurs 23.4
It's "2 short tutorials" this week as the large majority prefer this.

Start at 13ooh and end at 1700h each day. I will stay a bit longer after that for those who may need extra consultation.

Please be a bit early for your slot so we know you are there. Otherwise your slot will be taken. And you should show your entire scheme in (at least) plans and sections to scale.

1300 - 1315 :
1315 - 1330 :

1300 - 1315 :
1315 - 1330 :

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Melissa + Zaha Hadid

Starchitect Zaha Hadid, in collaboration with Brazilian shoe company Melissa, designed this fashion accessory (shoe).

Inspired by fluid movement and lines of the body, this is the first shoe designed by Zaha Hadid. Made out of plastic, like what Crocs uses to make their shoes, Zaha Hadid's shoe design even comes in a few colours !

So girls, buy this and you can pair it with your Frank Gehry + Tiffany & Co. jewelery !
Can't own their buildings, own their accessories !

More details head on to

Thursday, 16 April 2009


I mentioned to Joseph and KS that Zaha's Guggenheim is a good example (among others by others, off the top of my head) for curing them from designs that lack "surprise". Well, here's the Youtube link. (And a couple of pics below.) You need to watch the video for the interiors, and the surprises.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This show of 5th Yr students' work at the University of Malaya should be good. All welcome!

Dear Ian,

Hi. How are you? Just to let you know that we are having an exhibition at the DTC.

You are invited to view the Exhibition on the Design Thesis Studio - End of Year Work (Session 2008/09) at the following time, date and venue.

Time: 9 am - 4 pm
Date: Friday, 17th of April
Venue: Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya

The exhibition showcases 24 different works of the Design Thesis Studio / Final Year / Fifth Year students of the Bachelor of Architecture Course of the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya 's 2008/09 Session.

The projects are listed below:

Disaster Assistance & Rescue Training Centre
Kendiri: Servicemen Rehabilitation and Community Centre
Budget Airport Terminal
Tropical Monsoon Mall
ASEAN Islamic World Centre
Children Rehab Hospital
Dance Sport City
Chendering Fisherman’s Wharf
Book Park
Perodua Design and Brand Centre
Centre for Independent Arts
Memorial Park in Bukit Seputeh
Eco-literacy School in FRIM
Penang Chinese Opera House
Bangsar Community Library
Malaysian Institute of Art
Cross-border Station
Mah Meri’s School in Kg. Sg. Bumbun, Pulau Carey
International Students Hostel
Revitalization of Pasar Seni
Reinventing the City’s Fire Station
Museum of Modern Art Kuala Lumpur (MoMA_KL)
The Revitalization of Malacca Old Fort

We hope that you could inform others from your office and architect friends to come as well.


Naziaty Mohd Yaacob
on behalf of the head of department


Dipl Studio 3: Presentation of Mock Final Panel, Thurs 16 April 2009.

Marking by tutors start at 1315h. Please pin up before that time.

You are to pin up a draft copy of ur final presentation panel. (We call this the "mock final panel".) The size of the mock panel should be at least half the size of the final panel.

The purpose of this exercise is to assess your PANEL DESIGN, to see how u intend to arrange, pigment and texture all your drawings, illustrations, selected minimal text, etc. to fully explain your scheme.

Obviously the content at this stage will be "whatever you have now". We know your design is still under progress.

Your final panel should comprise no less than 3 A1 sheets in one single banner. If you have enough content 4 A1 sheets make a better impression.

Your mock panel tomorrow will be an A3 version of the final panel. (A1 reduced by 50% gives u A3, rite?)

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Fence Design for House by Inasreka. Detail Development & Sketchup by Cheng Mao Yang.

Friday, 10 April 2009


A 56-storey residential tower in New York designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron.
Work has started on the construction of 56 Leonard Street,

Nothing much but,

just find the video is TOO interestin.



"euric: it was only that one moment when she mentioned it. it's no big deal. i think she was saying that because most students (ref: taylor's)derive their designs from sketchup,it tends to be single-faceted" (from today's chatbox)

Ok, let's go.

What is Taylorism?

What's so deficient about it?

What's the alternative?

Thursday, 9 April 2009

BSc 3rd Sem Malacca Trip

Turning Middleburgh Bastion into a playground.

It took time for him to realize that he's not Spiderman.

Leaps of joy.

Azim, what were you doing?

Great view, greater action.

Fun time at Jonker.

Irasha predicts future.

Daredevils on stage.

Eye of Malaysia.

Maybe it is a little scarce it needs ornament.
Night view from the wheel.
Not as brutal anymore, for once.
Hey, why such faces?
It must have thought we looked sampat.
Yeah, we are a bunch of sampats.
At least we enjoy doing so. :)

the post started out as a mere presentation of our work... but i chose to end it with a particualr note that stirred up so much hype...and if im not being sensitive i can almost say some of u sound so hostile like ur gonna eat me alive...

but it was never meant to be that way.. so if ur hurt im sorry u feel that way cos it was never part of the agenda.. what i was simply trying to do is to create awareness of what could potentially be a problem...

but if u think u are not part of the problem.. then good on u

i will explain and illustrate what is taylorism one day but not now.. it will take some time to

... okay la lemme resolve the comments one by one..

Wai Sie: Atm my question to the scheme is locality and thoughtfullness. To reflect vantage points aint as simple as 4 flat panels. Having such a low structure, i believe itll cut off more views than reflect it

locality and thoughtfulness? i wonder where thoughtfulness came from... are u saying that i have not considered site context? that it is a plonker? it can be placed anywhere and still blend in? =) that's precisely what i am proposing..

bare in mind.. this is australia... culturally there isnt much to shout about... unlike msia where we have our cultural roots... here... really honestly and sadly... they have nothing much... the only reason why Fed Square is the way it is is a proof of that...

so thats culture... now site wise, it is, like in the words of Ian, an urban sculpture... it's purposed to create unlikely urban vistas... and hence the whole idea of vantage points.. visually it connects itself to the alternative urban perspective...

therefore it is universal... place it anywhere and it will work... yes we sacrificed the whole traditional idea of site context... but then again like i mentioned earlier in the scheme.. what it is responding to "site context"-ly is the serene and queit quality that we wanted to celebrate here.. tahst the site responce.

ian: You said that u guys r exploring "what the form will do". Other than create a sexy image (with sketchup) else?

no la... like i said.. .we are playing with tectonics of form and materiallity.. the very disillusionment the form creates and the whole idea of displacement and invisibility is achieved or attempted to achieved by form and materiality..

ian: Er....what happens then to ppl who want to get off the ferry here?

well i failed to mention... the wharfs are already servicing as terminals.. the lecturer that did this breif didnt do his homework... technically speaking this site doesnt need terminals at all cos they already have them.. one on the part and one further down... so in reality, the site is already well serviced... thats why we decided to conceived a singular terminal... and a terminal that does not need to be stuck tehre forever cos it does not need to be there in the first place... but rather hwat it will do is something like the eye of malaysia... where u dun need a ferris wheel but u wanna put it there cos it fraws ppl... once ur done with it u move it else where, like in msia's case - malacca, to draw more ppl there... same idea and concept here...

which bring us to this lady's opinion

Wai Sie: in terms of a mobile ferry terminal?! How would one keep track of the location?!

do you need to know the location of the eye of malaysia? u dun rite? because its such a big thing u know already... and yes... its "mobile" for a reason.. and therefore there is no fixed location... why no fixed location? already answered above...

just a tot: and mun chun...did u told us to avoid design via skp cuz u made the same mistake? to be frank thoh, i like ur idea and concept, but i tot it cud have been more totful, cuz now its just a box..with windows...and it looks like that is designed with just that....skp... so i see where ur coming from.. thx for the heads up, althoh we'v already kn skp is not 4 design ever since...cheers..

ur skeptism on "just a box" is what proofs my point on taylorism (which i will explain in a later date).. something that is "just a box" need not nessecerily be lack of thought.. trust me we put a lot of thought into it.. we did alot of research and for example, in terms of manuveruerability (ian u asked about this) it is perfectly responsive to the manuveurs of the boats.. it is shaped to allow easy docking... if only i can show u how they dock then u'd understand... but certain ideas needed to be carried thru.. and we wanted to keep the box.. for purposes i have already mentioned..

and no, we did not start with sketch up.. the renders are in sketch up thats i said before this porject was an attempt, on our part, to break away from that.. we wanted to challenge ourselves how far we can go without skp..

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

the GAWD of the YARRA

"GAWD".. something perhaps only marc and me will ever understand... but just so u r confused, i mean GAWD as in GOD.. this is our lil joke between ourselves about marc's theories tutor who is a taiwanese who cant speak proper in-glisss... he pronounces jean utzon like astho the name originated somewher from mainland china...

so ANYWAY... this is really just a ferry terminal whose design brief has been exploited by us to depths we are so proud we reached in just ONE WEEK... or so at least to me i feel it is an achievement..

the location was at the banks of the Yarra river next to the Federation Square. the brief called for two terminals, one to service the north bank and one for the south bank. the purpose is to act as ferry terminals to service the river traffic of the ferries and also to help promote tourism in the Yarra.

neighbouring sites include famous and glorious sites such as the princess bridge, the princess wharfs (now known as the federation wharfs), flinders street train station, victorian art centre and thats all. from our observation the site was a very busy location. princess bridge serves as a interlink between Swanston Street and St Kilda Street of which both are artery roads of Melbourne CBD. Flinders Street Station serves as a interchange of trains and the tramlines runs along the Swanston and St Kilda Street. The Victorian Art Centre houses various cultural and arts events. i cant say less bout federation square. i mean it is after all FEDERATION SQUARE... huge huge icons in the area. in the words of a chinese simile - "people mountain people sea" , meaning heaps of pedestrian traffic in the area.

in contrast to this loud backdrop, we found the existence of a quiet counterpart that co-exist just right beneath all these hustle and bustle. below eye levels, locations such as the princess wharfs and the under the princess bridge possesses a genious loci that is so serene and quiet. and iconic in its own way.

this is the very quality we seek to preserve and celebrate

the solution proposed was a simple amalgamation of the two terminals into one.

inspiration started with this single picture that Marc randomly took. it inspired us to explore how far obscurity, invisibility and transparency in architecture can be stretched and how much can time and space be captured in a form that seeks to be iconic is a silent manner.

form wise, it is essentially a cube of one sided mirrored glass held up by steel frames. the whole structure rest on a deck which is in turn supported by buoys. the terminal is floating and anchored down to the riverbed on all four sides.

the experience of the building starts from the exterior, the moment before you notice the building, from the level of the bridge looking down towards the river, meaning below your eye level. the reflective nature of the facade taunts our eyes playfully, obscuring the boundaries between the river surface and the actual terminal. it is this very silent and invisible nature that will draw people and generate interest.

once at normal eye level, which is normally viewed from the docking platforms of the wharfs, the building facade now displays a different emotion. it starts to reflect the surroundings onto itself. it recreates vantage points that cannot be seen from your position because of the reflection. so it not only disolves visually into the water, it disolves into the surroundings as well.

now, passengers get on to the terminal thru a retractable entrance that unfolds from the deck, latching onto any nearby docking platform. once on the deck, passengers can opt to board the boat, purchase tickets at the reception counter or reside upstairs in the glass cude whilst watiign for their transport. the studs on each side of the deck demarcade the docking positions of the boats and also acting as ticket validating counters.

once on the upper floor, the program is limitless. the open floor plan allows for the space to be partitioned for various functions. during operation, this space creates a very interesting paranomic vantage point when standing inside the cube. the interesting thing is because its one sided mirrored, outsiders cant see you. but on the contrary, in reality what you can see from the inside is exactly what a person sees from the outside when the outsider looks at the reflection on the facade. it is this paradoxical contrasting element that creates this disillusionment of space and locality that intrigues the development of this idea.

as a landmark and an icon, we strong believe that it will succeed because of its flexiblity. because of its mobility this proposal can be placed any where along the Yarra. it can moved up and down for promotions or just as a tourist attraction. the whole terminal can be booked for the night when it is not in operation for private functions. imagine having your engagament party in the middle of the river, only people cant see u..=)

something to note:
not that i am against taylor's and all that they teach. i believe i have learned alot. however, there are certain things in my opinion that taylor's lack.
i can dare say 80% of us design thru sketch up.. which really takes away the true essence of design. sketchup should only be an assistant tool... not the main design tool.. all the top students of my batch design from mind to hand.. skecth up always came later. looks into works of carey, jun hao or euric.. they may be from the diploma program, but trust me u can learn alot from them. =)

in this project, we played with tectonics of form and materiality, something i know many of us have not tried before. the focus wasnt on form making but rather what the form will do and how does the materiality affect the form...

but anyway you can almost see this as a development model after all its only a one week project


important note:

GUYS PLEASE LEARN HOW TO DO PROPER AND REAL REFERENCING BEFORE YOU COME OVERSEAS.... its a real deal over here... and they have machines that can scan your text and it is linked to a database that can detect if you are plaguirisng from ANY TEXT.. it is that good..

just something i took for granted back home and i see the need now...


come guys give it a crit.. i know u want to..=D