Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Week 14 already ahh!!

Hi guys and girls.

Hahaha. Just wanna drop by a note reminding you guys that it is already week 14!!


So stress..so stress!! All this hard work for a tomorrow that might not even come.

There's no such thing as tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't exist at all. There's only such thing as now. When tomorrow comes, it is called now. Now exist, but tomorrow doesn't. Live by the moment and not to live for a tomorrow that might not even come.

Worry things that are present, not something that will come tomorrow, cause tomorrow never exist.

Say what you need to say now, cause later or tomorrow never exist.

Do what you need to do now, cause only now exist, and you and I are living in it.

Ahh..what a random post. Sorry for spamming here but just wanna remind you guys how real week 14 is!


ian ng said...

Yeah Dan...u can say that again !!!
Would be cool if u guys came to tutorials as if there were no tomorrow..then I will always have plenty to see..lol

MY said...

yeah. that's the way it is.. and then.. enjoy the process of seeing sunriseS and sunsetS. =)

MY said...
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