Thursday, 15 November 2007

Workshop on Sustainable Design

Those of you who interested in a workshop on sustainable design may want to check this out. Below is the email from Joe Foo of Trinity Visual Communications with sufficient info. You can contact them directly.

joseph foo <>

Hey Ian
This is the workshop I spoke to u before, It’s about sustainable design, venue tentatively set at Juteras, Kampung baru Subang, also where 3Di (3nity’s product division) based, surrounded with all sort of factories, cemetery, primary schools etc etc.. Pls see attached document.Do let me know your students r interested to b part of it. This workshop is only for 30 ppl max.

Discover the Design of the World, Rethink the World of Design
Date: 15-16 December 2007
Location: Lot 619 & 620 Jalan 2C, Kampung Baru Subang, Sec U6 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Facilitator: Joseph Foo and Li Feng Kuah

What is global warming? What has it to do with designers whose role is to create “pretty looking things”? The aim of this workshop is to examine designer’s responsibility towards environment issues. As suggested by the title "Discover the Design of theWorld, Rethink the World of Design", we aim to remind designers of irresponsible designs and their consequences on the environment through cold hard facts of global warming. This will be followed by discussion on successful sustainable design make aware that designer from all practices including architecture, graphic, fashion, product, interior and others, have the power to instigate change for common good. In addition, another goal of the workshop is to bring designers out of their comfort zone as speculated in today’s practice that is highly computer-aided. Hence, all participants are only allowed to work with basic tools and found materials. It is hoped that this “culture shock” will bring about new territory of design thinking and solution. The first workshop of this series was conducted last summer in Wei Hai, a popular beach resort in China. There were 22 enthusiastic participants ranging from high-school graduates, graphic design students to practicing designers and art teachers; all came from different part of the country. The participants were divided into 4 groups and given brief to create ideas of sustainable design from found materials or waste in the surrounding. The responses were mixed and interesting, some stick strictly to the brief and went out to "get their hands dirty" collecting empty bottles, discarded floats and swim suits. Others chose to stay indoor cracking head in search for ideas from waste management to recycle solution, one even worked on futuristic solution for an imagined society with oxygen crisis! The results were equally fascinating. Within such as short duration, the participants have come out with some highly workable or believable ideas, detailed sketches or workable prototypes. Among some of the results were fashion accessories created from recycled swimsuits and floats, products from plastic bottles such as lifesaver and lamp, while others concentrated on developing ideas on sustainable lifestyle.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Malacca: Middelburg Bastion

Pic from The Star of Middelburg Bastion in the early days of 2006 (towards its end) when the Malacca Tower excavation uncovered it. For those who are interested in showing off historical context in their schemes.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ancient Wall

For Chern Xi and other unmentionables: Here's an inspiring way of presenting an old wall to the world. A lot of water is needed.

Pic: The Forbidden City, Beijing


Some images of the Shenzen Museum of Contemporary Art by Emergent, as discussed with Hann this morning.

(Those who post their schemes for comment: pls use LARGE option for readability straight away.)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

and this is my first floor plan. arrows there showing direction of people coming up from ground floor. the outdoor area is also a proposed area for the people to have their tea there while viewing the river and the tourism spot at the opposite. doted lines are outline of the ground floor plan.

Hi ian, this is my ground floor plan. my site is still the same, the carpark beside the chicken rice shop, along the river bank. In my plan, 's' denotes space for sculpture. at the existing building beside, there are boxes with 's'. these are attached platforms at different heights to display scultures while the dotted lines beside are spaces for arts and craft bazaar, which are at the exterior of my building. the communal space will be quite an open space, raised 1 meter high from the ground. followed by foyer and reception (main entrance) further down, at the level of 0.5 meter with office beside n photograph space.
as u can see, there will be a staircase with long corridor between the painting space n sculpture space, going up to the 1st floor. in the middle of the staircase, there are kind of 'L' shape lines. those are walls at different height to display paintings. others i think u will be able to understand from my plan.
there will be a changing room with 'c' label, beside the performance space which is a shell like shape in the plan. around the performace space is landscape with sculpture displaying, allowing people to see it especially when they walk along the stairs to the performance space.
along the river bank there will be platform for people to walk along, until the performance space there, as there will be door to control people passing through.