Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hi ian, this is my ground floor plan. my site is still the same, the carpark beside the chicken rice shop, along the river bank. In my plan, 's' denotes space for sculpture. at the existing building beside, there are boxes with 's'. these are attached platforms at different heights to display scultures while the dotted lines beside are spaces for arts and craft bazaar, which are at the exterior of my building. the communal space will be quite an open space, raised 1 meter high from the ground. followed by foyer and reception (main entrance) further down, at the level of 0.5 meter with office beside n photograph space.
as u can see, there will be a staircase with long corridor between the painting space n sculpture space, going up to the 1st floor. in the middle of the staircase, there are kind of 'L' shape lines. those are walls at different height to display paintings. others i think u will be able to understand from my plan.
there will be a changing room with 'c' label, beside the performance space which is a shell like shape in the plan. around the performace space is landscape with sculpture displaying, allowing people to see it especially when they walk along the stairs to the performance space.
along the river bank there will be platform for people to walk along, until the performance space there, as there will be door to control people passing through.

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