Wednesday, 30 April 2008


To one of your questions...
  1. Sections drawn in 2d (basically autocad) are required, obviously printed to common scale.
  2. Elevations are not strictly required. So you'll have to decide whether you want to show them at all and in what format (whether in 2d original or picked up from 3d modelling). They should be to scale if you're presenting them as elevations.
  3. All outcomes must help you tell your story and "show off" your scheme and its design ideas to the optimum.

And just a reminder that there's no bias for computer drawing or manual drawing.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

META MAKE STUDIO by Adam Zainudin

Here's what zany Adam, one of my former students, has been up to at RMIT (first sem of Year 3). A-laugh-a-minute, AZ is a cooler version of Jon.

You can see all his work on facebook.

Hey! all looks really fancy--unreally impressive--but where's the building? haha. Luv the images tho! Do post us some notes to elaborate on this fascinating outing.

Friday, 25 April 2008


  1. Front corner persp
  2. Rear corner persp
  3. Front corner persp. (walker's view)
  4. Interior Exhibit Area A
  5. Interior Exhibit Area C
  6. Another Front corner persp
  • floor plans unavailable
  • open for comments and suggestions
  • bldg. roof not completed
Currently Faced Issues
  • dont know where to place the toilet
  • toilet area maybe too small
  • a number of low height areas ( from 1600mm below) and dont know wht to do abt it.

thank you for reading and commenting (if u have)


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ian, here's the layout.

Hi all, this is the layout for my cafe gallery project. tis is not the final one cos i actually shrinked it from 5 A1 to 4 A1 (i accidently left the softcopy in the printing shop), and touched up the hardcopy manually. well its not a good example. even the composition is out. but i thk u can use it as a reference or at least a basic guide.

add more trees n people will definitely enhance the quality especially the 'mood' and ur true intentions. n oso, try put in the concept n ideas (in texts) and if can, briefly put some explanation on each of the drawings u r showing. if u got the skill in photoshop n illustrator, dun hesitate to use it 'kow kow'.

and finally, dun show sumthing tat shows nothing... meaning showing pretty pictures without the essence of archi.

really hope i was able to make it tho. but we just didnt hav enof time and everythg went 'kelam kabut' here n there.

we r now in our examination period. may b i'l post the 'transformation of concept into the archi' after the exam.

ian, i've asked shafiqq and anwari to post theirs as well. may b will b posted in few days time.

all the best,

Saturday, 19 April 2008


On March 15, 2008 Fred, Kelvin and I visited one of my houses under construction.
(edited, so the pic nos. do not quite tie up...sorry.)

The house is a kinda equatorial memory with contemporary pretensions. There are tall windows and timbery eaves with large expanses of glass on the eastern side where all the water is, as the luopan (geomancy compass) directed. Pic 3 shows a vista from the Guest Room in front through the moated dining platform to the Den and the Study Corner beyond. No doors at either end so the qi is contained.

Pic 4: View of the Main Lounging Areas with the koi pool at the foot of the staircase in the foreground. A laminated glass floor will take you across the pool, lit at night to show the koi swimming underfoot.

Pic 5 shows the koi pool at the foot of the staircase.

The Dining Platform is in fact a double-height space with the staircase on one side and a kinda corridor on the First Floor that takes you to the 3 bedrooms at the rear. The corridor bypasses a glass-sided airwell on one side and the void over the Dining on the other (Pic 6).

Standing on the corridor you will look down to the dining area (Pic 7) which is surrounded by the koi pool.
The Master Bedroom at the front of the First Floor will look out onto a roof garden (Pic 8)

Walking up the glass sided staircase (Pic 10) you will look down at the koi pool with Dining Platform centrestage. (Those affected by vertigo beware.)

Pic 11 shows the attic roof under construction (15 March), and Pic 12 the same with the timber-strip ceiling in place (18 April).
We're moving on, Guys. And all those sleepless nights will be worth it when one day you see your dreams on the ground rising in far more spectacular fashion than this modest house you see here.
Enjoy your sem break, ya? And come back fully charged. (To charge at us.)
[pix: kelvin yong & ian ng]


Basic Setchup images without the "latest soft textured renderings" would still be ok as the minimum submission outcome. They do tell your story pretty efficiently. The example here is about the idea of screening, tansparency, greening, natural lighting, semi-public space, storm protection, ease of maintenance. advertising support, light-touch addition, and a bit of lightheartedness. You'll probably want to choose a colour scheme that stands somewhere between Pleasant and Shocking.

sketchup by Yong Hui Ying & Hui Jing

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Hi Guys.. remember the CONCRETE & STONE lecture I gave in Penang? I recall that the projected images of Abid's Malacca Gallery had ghastly colours as the laptop was switched to some undesireable mode.

Well, here they are again, in full colour, the way they appeared to me on the laptop screen. Brilliant!

I thought that now would be a good time to present you with a sight for SORE eyes. A good benchmark, too.

Enjoy! & Kudos Abid!

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Unit 5, these will be the last 2 official tutorials, so to let u know what to expect...

Trial runs for verbal presentations will be optional--for those who want to test themselves and get some feedback. You r encouraged to have a go, but i'm making it optional as i know you have a heavy submission schedule going on the whole week. You don't have to show your whole design for the trial run. Just pinning up something as a reference for your verbal presentation will do. The idea is to test your nerves and your sustained and coherent speech for say 3 to 5 mins. We'll start at 10am on Tue. Remaining times will be for individual tutorials.

Unlikely that there'll be much time for tutorials on Thurs as it's pin up and grading time for the last 5% before we break.

I'm in on Wednesday 16.4 as well as I'm standing in for Keith, doing his Unit.

Elsewhere, as usual, I'm available here and at the other usual places at the other usual times.

Keep going, All. It'll all be worth it!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


OK, Guys...better to post this near perfect draft rather than try to get it perfect and lose it altogether.

This quiz is based on what i was shown by you guys up to the time of posting the puzzle. Some of you may of course have changed your schemes (for the better) since then. The similes and metaphors that hit me in the face are not criticisms of your designs at all--just auto images conjured up by one peculiar mind. Thanks for being so wonderfully entertaining with your bright design concepts!

1. the building will appear to flex itself, like Rubik’s snake

OBVIOUSLY BENSON’S. So easy...not fair!

2. my building will appear to move, like a walking insect

HWA LIK’S without a doubt
Incidentally the first pic is the album cover of the original sound track (long before the recent movie) narrated by the late actor Richard Burton. If you want to know how English should be spoken, grab that lp.)

3. like grandma’s Everest


Grandmas visiting his original 5 level sky-view visitor centre will feel they have to climb Mt. Everest to get to what Jon’s on about. And even if they make it half of them will die of heart attacks up there. In which case the clue is still correct. They will be laid to Rest forEver somewhere in the plaza just outside his centre.

4. it will be quite a startling structure, like a useful Hiroshima

Sad, sad, sad…Hiroshima 1945. With pics of the victims of that atomic present. NEVER AGAIN!
Euric’s scheme, of course, fantastic though it might be, and a bit iconic and dreamy, has a wonderful precedent in the (proposed but not built) scheme in KL not so long ago. Somebody proposed a long snake-like tube of a commercial building over and along the Sg. Klang from the city centre to somewhere where Megamall is. Hovering over the river with legs that straddled each bank. I wish they’d built it. Euric will have a battle coming up with the jury. No problem. Just get your ammunition ready.

5. the experience for visitors will be like a stroll through Hades

A subtle difference here. Hades is originally the Greek Hell, which the Christians took over to carry on the idea of Hell. So it’s Greco-Christian and not Taoist. So Effigies (Eugene’s) which are mainly Chinese would, though plausible, not be an accurate answer. And Johney’s scheme, if you’ve seen it, required you to actually walk across a bridge over the road to view the graveyard and then double back to look at some more coffins, etc. What a walk! (But he might have refined it by now.)

6. you might say my form is unusual, like a television sandwich


Everyone’s favorite…because it makes us all so hungry. In the old days this would not be such a good clue, but now with flatscreen and plasma and lcd screens and all…..

7. like an evolving shop house


You need to see the link between the fossilized and the new thing. And she has kept one old shophouse almost all intact, half renovated the next one before taking you into the new one next to the road. Enough evolution there for me, I reckon.

8. my building will make you smile as you think of a happier party in Boston


The Boston Tea Party was an act of direct action by the American colonists against Great Britain in which they destroyed many crates of tea bricks on ships in Boston Harbor. The incident, which took place on Thursday, December 16, 1773, has been seen as helping to spark the American Revolution. (From Wikipedia)

…which of course led to the formation of the USA. War, as always, is never a happy thing. But our dear clever little friend, Roy Jak Hui, has come up with a delightful little tea visitor centre where the experience of tea drinking and tea packing happens in box-like houses randomly lined up along a bridge by the waterside. Thus, evoking those tea boxes floating in water that you see in the classic picture above. If he knows how to present it (and doesn’t come down with dengue or red, red stuff) then he’s headed for the sky. Clever little rascal!

9. like a maypole dance gone awry (haha)

Lots of slim spaces. I hope she pulls it off. You know what I mean. Awry because the ribbon spaces are not quite as ‘organized’ as the ribbons in the dance below…as if a storm had struck. But a dynamic composition, nevertheless, is hers.

10. like a pulmonary offering at Thaipusam

Of course. I’d already given the game away at the workshop tutorial when I said this infill project is a bit like a heart transplant. And the glass tubes of his (clever things to fill them with incense smoke) reminded me so much of those skewers in the second picture. And why not? We’re multicultural here. Penang. [2nd pic is of skewer poking the tongue of a thaipusam devotee. Can't upload or the blog will crash again.] [Just added 2nd pic, sun 13 apr 08 8.55pm]

11. my building will be entertaining in itself, like the home of the woman who lived in a shoe


Hahaha. What more can I say? See how the toe part of the shoe crosses the street to touch your famous Triangle? Haha.

12. I am very conscious of relating to my neighbors: my building will be as gregarious as a kissing gourami

Ah! This one! It’s NOT a toss up between Kelvin’s and Mao Yang’s. If you’ve studied their plans---which I had the pleasure of doing---you’ll see that Mao Yang has his bits (like gourami lips) of his First Floor plan touching the back wall of the shophouses. The idea is to allow the shophouse owners to actually sell nyonya kuih and crafts over a counter to the visitors strolling in the Centre. The counters would have roller shutters for security during closing hours. The interaction between residents and visitors is win-win. “You spy into my house, taste my kuih, but pay me la. And free smells for the Centre.” Olfactory experiences are part of the poetic experience. (Have you lazy fellas read Juhani Pallasmaa’s ‘Hapticity and Time’ yet?)

Now, can somebody post everyone’s score here? How many upon 12?