Saturday, 19 April 2008


On March 15, 2008 Fred, Kelvin and I visited one of my houses under construction.
(edited, so the pic nos. do not quite tie up...sorry.)

The house is a kinda equatorial memory with contemporary pretensions. There are tall windows and timbery eaves with large expanses of glass on the eastern side where all the water is, as the luopan (geomancy compass) directed. Pic 3 shows a vista from the Guest Room in front through the moated dining platform to the Den and the Study Corner beyond. No doors at either end so the qi is contained.

Pic 4: View of the Main Lounging Areas with the koi pool at the foot of the staircase in the foreground. A laminated glass floor will take you across the pool, lit at night to show the koi swimming underfoot.

Pic 5 shows the koi pool at the foot of the staircase.

The Dining Platform is in fact a double-height space with the staircase on one side and a kinda corridor on the First Floor that takes you to the 3 bedrooms at the rear. The corridor bypasses a glass-sided airwell on one side and the void over the Dining on the other (Pic 6).

Standing on the corridor you will look down to the dining area (Pic 7) which is surrounded by the koi pool.
The Master Bedroom at the front of the First Floor will look out onto a roof garden (Pic 8)

Walking up the glass sided staircase (Pic 10) you will look down at the koi pool with Dining Platform centrestage. (Those affected by vertigo beware.)

Pic 11 shows the attic roof under construction (15 March), and Pic 12 the same with the timber-strip ceiling in place (18 April).
We're moving on, Guys. And all those sleepless nights will be worth it when one day you see your dreams on the ground rising in far more spectacular fashion than this modest house you see here.
Enjoy your sem break, ya? And come back fully charged. (To charge at us.)
[pix: kelvin yong & ian ng]


kelvin said...

WAH !! I HAD A GREAT TIME ~~ i loved the lunch, i loved the street, i loved the town... of coz ian's house as well .. ^_^

lik_1031 said...

wow~~tats cool!~~i like ian house~~

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

it would be better if there are pictures when the finishes are up....
and yea where is the Presentation Confidence 2/2?
Plz finish ur assignment Ian.....

ian ng said...

haha! that's the agenda show you the progress of construction...from mess to nest. and i chose the angles with the finished shots in mind...old hand at it..haha.

no, i haven't forgotten my last assignment before we wrap up the sem..haha. in fact i was just thinking about the opening lines while driving an hour ago..haha. this last instalment would in fact be the most difficult to write as it's potentially the most nebulous, perhaps subjective, and i really want to make it useful for you guys.

my excuse is that i needed these last few days to recover from the last week of tutoring..hahahaha.

neways...loved ur's kinda cool..hahaha

ian ng said...

and by the way...have u noticed that kelvin's hair goes up in the middle while mine goes down? has something to do with age, i think...hahaha

Anthrex Design Bureau said...

i guess its just a indication of generation origin... maybe ur still suck with the 'hair down' era and kelvin has arrived to the 'hair up' era. lol

ian ng said...

may have something to do with i'm more grounded and u guys are more up in the air..haha

ian ng said...

or should i say up in the hair? haha