Monday, 7 April 2008



Ok, let’s see if you’ve absorbed anything at all...haha!. Here’s a puzzle...

I can imagine presenting some of your Visitor Centres with the following similes and metaphors. I want you to try to guess whose schemes they are. (This will also test how closely you’ve been watching your colleagues’ work...haha!) Post here. Top 3 guys with the highest scores---I’ll buy you lunch on Thursday.

1. the building will appear to flex itself, like Rubik’s snake

2. my building will appear t move, like a walking insect

3. like grandma’s Everest

4. it will be quite a startling structure, like a useful Hiroshima

5. the experience for visitors will be like a stroll through Hades

6. you might say my form is unusual, like a television sandwich

7. like an evolving shop house

8. my building will make you smile as you think of a happier party in Boston

9. like a maypole dance gone awry (haha)

10. like a pulmonary offering at Thaipusam

11. my building will be entertaining in itself, like the home of the woman who lived in a shoe

12. I am very conscious of relating to my neighbors: my building will be as gregarious as a kissing gourami

I’ll post my answers Wednesday midnight, 9 April (or maybe Thursday 10 April before I nip off to college.) All of Studio 3 can join in. Have fun!


BADesign said...

no clue given ah.. like from which unit ?? hehe..

Jon da Penang said...

1. benson or carey
2. hwalik
3. definately mine =(
4. euric
5. eujin
6. still guessing
7. sieu theng
8. suniel
9. still guessing
10. still guessing
11. liyin or richard
12. kelvin

*fingers crossed*

Jon da Penang said...

9. hayden

sa!nt said...

o.O I can't even guess a single one..........

Jon da Penang said...

6. jinno

MY said...


hui lih said...


ian ng said...

haha..come on MY and huilih...can't be that difficult, shirley. I mean surely.

ian ng said...

Yo..ST, you so chan ar? hahaha
Ok, by somebody else's special request, i'm giving you some clues here (only for the slightly more obscure ones, ok? haha.)

5.)Hades is found in the bible, therefore...
7.)More correct to say, "like the evolving Shophouse". Evolution needs missing links.
8.)Happy Birthday USA!
9.)A girl looks nice with ribbons, but in a strong wind the ribbons can go awry, too.
10.) You could almost sense the blood oozing out...
11.) Looks like her home. (Now which nursery rhyme was that?)
12.) 'gregarious' means 'sociable and friendly'

In any case, no harm in tembaking.

Jon da Penang said...

a message from ian.

guys, i have been called suddenly to attend um end sem tutor's lunch. so we have our puzzle winner's lunch next tues ok? il post the answers on mon. now, u concerntrate on ur history presentation and score high ok?

Issac said...
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Issac said...

ST, MY, HL, gimme 5 XD

jinno_6 said...

1. benson
2. hwalik
3. jonathan
4. euric
5. eujin
6. jinno
7. sieu theng
8. suniel
9. mayb carey
11. hayden
12. kelvin o MY

guessed by sheng hao, kelvin, lester n jinno.
nothing much, jus request for teh tarik at murni...hehe....

L i Y i n said...
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sa!nt said...

answers on monday?! i cant sleep in peace until mon *_*

SookTin said...

7. Adrian?

HaydenWing said...

11. MINE! lol

btw, im waiting for the answers tho.

Jon da Penang said...


Jon da Penang said...

message from ian,

my post for the answer crashed at 1110pm. i am retrying now. but dont wait up if you need to sleep. tx.