Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ian, here's the layout.

Hi all, this is the layout for my cafe gallery project. tis is not the final one cos i actually shrinked it from 5 A1 to 4 A1 (i accidently left the softcopy in the printing shop), and touched up the hardcopy manually. well its not a good example. even the composition is out. but i thk u can use it as a reference or at least a basic guide.

add more trees n people will definitely enhance the quality especially the 'mood' and ur true intentions. n oso, try put in the concept n ideas (in texts) and if can, briefly put some explanation on each of the drawings u r showing. if u got the skill in photoshop n illustrator, dun hesitate to use it 'kow kow'.

and finally, dun show sumthing tat shows nothing... meaning showing pretty pictures without the essence of archi.

really hope i was able to make it tho. but we just didnt hav enof time and everythg went 'kelam kabut' here n there.

we r now in our examination period. may b i'l post the 'transformation of concept into the archi' after the exam.

ian, i've asked shafiqq and anwari to post theirs as well. may b will b posted in few days time.

all the best,

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ian ng said...

thanks's good work. all best in your exams!