Friday, 4 April 2008


Unit 5: there will be tutorials as usual except for one important event. I'd like the whole unit to meet @ 1000h for a group discussion on PROGRESS & STRATEGY for the final home run. I reckon it'll take 30 mins or so. So let's clear 2 slots (1000-1040h) for this. We just want to make sure we are all absolutely clear on how to ensure we have all the tools necessary for the best performance possible.

We have just ended Week 12. Final Submission is on Week 17. All Best.

(Additional announcement) Veron & I just had a discussion. She will give a lecture on PRESENTATION STYLES with a PROJECT SUMMARY @ 930h or so to Units 3, 4 & 5. This subject matter may overlap somewhat with Unit 5's PROGRESS & STRATEGY discussion so we'll all have to play it by ear. Let's block off the 920 and 940 slots for her.

Please do not miss Veron's lecture.

Units 1 & 2 need not worry about all this. You have already heard her lecture (that Mon. when I replaced Keith) and she will probably do the PROJECT SUMMARY with you next Mon.

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ian ng said...

I have just edited this post with additional info after talking to Veron. Pls read & be informed. Tx