Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Mosque in Nature by Shazwi

Studio 3 Dip Final Presentation : A Mosque in Nature

Final presentation board

The idea is to make use of the nature as an element to make worshipper closer to their Creator. As they admiring the beauty of the surrounding, they will admire the power of the Creator that creates all the creature on this earth.

By taking advantage of the vegetation of the site, the form surrounds the nature and open towards the environment.

Stairway going to prayer hall (upper level) from the entrance

Ablution area and shoe rack

Prayer Hall

Nature creates spatial experience and becomes the ornament that decorates the transparent wall of the mosque.

Some of the facilities at lower level (Top: Cafeteria, Bottom Left: Female Toilet/ Ablution, Bottom Right: Imam's Apartment)

This mosque is actually designed to bring back the basic functionality and simplicity value of a mosque.


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Anonymous said...

The connection with nature is quite a good idea. But i think,the design of the mosque is not functioned well.You did not showed on how you respond to the qiblat direction. With that curve shape, how you arranged for the soff for the worshipper? Is it enough space? In my opinion, a curve shape is not suited for the mosque design. it caused waste of space.It is an odd and complicated form. Not simple at all.