Friday, 5 November 2010

A Malaysian Hand in Edinburgh

Site Images

- Stunning View of Edinburgh Castle
from Grassmarket
- Existing Staircase connecting the site
- Inspiration (Grand landscape)
- View of historical city from top of the site

After analyzing the site, few key responses were made such as:
- Keep the building away from disrupting the amazing view of Edinburgh Castle
- Preserve the accessible part, and utilize the inaccessible side of the site

- Black corrugated metal was chosen as facade material to respond to the grand landscape that holds Edinburgh Castle. However to stand out in the city full of historical buildings, metal is chosen to be used to show the contrast between new and old buildings.
- Inspired and responding to the surrounding landscape, the facade is broken down into fragments imitating the surface of the rock, and be part of the landscape
View from street: steps for people to gather, interact and socialise.

View from the main entrance towards the double volume restaurant with Edinburgh Castle as backdrop.
Double volume was given to the space because it is a space where most people will hangout, eat and enjoy the live band performance.

View from second entrance

- Ramps stretching stretching through the steep slope to provide access
- Irregular width of the ramps to provide pockets of spaces for more activities and interaction
- Ramps also helping to allow people to use the inaccessible space of the site

View from street



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