Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dip. Studio 3 - mosque

Idea of the mosque as an urban sanctuary space, a natural environment in an urban context. The sanctuary space is essentially a prayer hall which is a big open space open to nature, providing a small temporary solace from daily activity and spending some time to pray.
Street Façade: Exploring the transition to the internal sanctuary. The journey begins from outside street/pedestrian continouing to internal space. The trellis/louvres provide glimpses of inside space. Monolithic walls which stand out in the streetscape as an imposing structure attracts people to explore which also have gaps between the walls providing glimpses of interior space. The exploration of the space continues to a ramp.
The trellises providing shade also starting that transition to place of worship, starting the separation from the street . The walls and trees act as visual seperation. Trellis providing light and shade on main circulation space. The Sanctuary space which is the prayer hall is essentially a big pavillion space open to nature.
The whole architecture explores the closed internal space. Where tall, monolithic imposing façade expresses a solid mass impression from the outside, but a large open space on the inside. The sense of scale progress from a human scale entrance to a heroic scale on the sanctuary space.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dip. Studio 3 - A hindu temple Project

Hinduism believes in the Duality of Existence,as the fundamental concept of the religion. Hinduism has a diverse system if thoughts with beliefs in both Pantheism and Panantheism. Where one believes that "God is Whole" and another believes that "The Whole is in God". They believes in multiple truth,instead of individual philosophy. And they are given the freedom to worship whichever deities they believe in, at the same time worshiping the one ultimate supreme being, Brahman, and also the religion as a whole.

The temple adapts the idea of the duality of existence.At one point, the temple act as a gathering space, where the Hindus gather and together they achieve a singular consensus of the religion as a whole. And at one point, the temple act as a space where the devotees find closure, and a direct exclusive contact between them and the deities. Traveling from one space to another, the user experiences a transitional journey, as an individual and as a part of the community. Like two drops of water on water, the wave ripples and interferes each other harmoniously.

The vehicular and pedestrian approach to the site creates an interesting relationship, by placing the temple at the contour. A stop-n-go motion for the vehicular and an extended walkway that leads the pedestrian to the site and into the temple.
Staircase leads the visitor down to the lobby, garland booth/information area can be found on the way.

Main lobby area, an area for community activities and celebration, also a space for the chariot to be placed, partially sheltered by the corridor above. The colorful glass panels on the wall suggests a direction, leading the devotees to the main praying hall.

The main intention of the praying hall is to provide every single devotees the freedom to worship and express towards the specific deity they believes in. As every deity has a specific orientation they faces, a wide centric space is designed where the statues of the deities are placed in the suspended structure in the middle based on their orientation, and every devotees will pray towards the center, directly to the deity, and indirectly to the structure.
In micro the structure acts as an collective statue where the devotees pray to and find exclusive closure.
In macro the structure acts as an icon, a direction, like the Gopuram structure in every hindu temple.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Mosque in Nature by Shazwi

Studio 3 Dip Final Presentation : A Mosque in Nature

Final presentation board

The idea is to make use of the nature as an element to make worshipper closer to their Creator. As they admiring the beauty of the surrounding, they will admire the power of the Creator that creates all the creature on this earth.

By taking advantage of the vegetation of the site, the form surrounds the nature and open towards the environment.

Stairway going to prayer hall (upper level) from the entrance

Ablution area and shoe rack

Prayer Hall

Nature creates spatial experience and becomes the ornament that decorates the transparent wall of the mosque.

Some of the facilities at lower level (Top: Cafeteria, Bottom Left: Female Toilet/ Ablution, Bottom Right: Imam's Apartment)

This mosque is actually designed to bring back the basic functionality and simplicity value of a mosque.


Monday, 7 June 2010

studio3dip : tabula strata

umma, reaction to the stereotomic onion; massive looming bulk, whatever goes on in there. At the heart of submission is prayer towards (origin) - so I want sleek out of the land Direction.

Connections. The community reclaims public property at the top and our vector becomes mediator. A new (klang) valley for festivities or schoolchildren mucking around, see from all round.

Ahahaha pool people down. Submission begins at the beginning of prayer.

Time. Times.

and the filigree scales in gradient to subdue space.

Evocative of a mining past?, but it doubles attendance effortlessly. Underside is immaterial record of daily movement towards in unison, up down, kneel bow.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Facade design

This is a project where we were required to design a skin for shoplots located at bangsar street. The main idea of the facade is to provide protection to the site as it is overwhelmed by the neighbouring city elements.

The facade is designed to have stilts that are protruding out. Just that the arrangements differs on each side. The stilts from points, lines, and planes where viewed from different angle. Each individual stilts are installed with led lights and heat sensor film. The reason is to provide more variability to the stilts to cater for the high changes of the site.

The montage image is to portrait how the facade changes according to the site as time passes, catering different perspectives for visitors.