Thursday, 1 January 2009

KS's Arch.Studio3 Final - Some Samples

As requested by ian.. these are my final presentation board & some selected jpegs of Architecture Studio 3, Project 2.

presentation board, left side

presentation board, right side

computer renderings using google sketchup 6 + vray for sketchup rendering plugin

however..i don't think sketchup is the most appropriate tool for generating 3d structures of this kind, it took too much time & energy.
So if design of Such Kind is not kinda fixed as early as 1 month before submission date, don't use sketchup, i believe things like 3dsmax/formZ/rhino can handle this more efficiently, I believe la...

ok good luck, more samples to come from my classmates, i guess..

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AhmaD said...

thats pretty interesting mate,
thanx for posting it!