Friday, 16 January 2009

Housekeeping of Blog Authors

Hi! It's the start of sem and inevitably some housekeeping had to be done 'cos this blog only allows 100 authors, sadly.

I had to make space for my current students by removing 'older' members on a 'First In First Out' basis. The exceptions being: Those who have contributed, whom I know want to continue contributing, and who have worked with me in one way or another. No offence meant to anyone at all.

However, if you have been removed and wish to be put back in to contribute just pop me an email and we'll fix that.

Welcome to the whole new bunch of Dip A Tech Studio 3 students, Jan 2009! (Taylors Col, la, I mean. My UM friends, ur most welcome, too.)

I shall soon know who're in my unit, but as we (the tutors) said, "Move freely."

Let's bring some colour into our Studio this sem, okay?
And things don't always have to be what they seem, rite?
Happy Posting!


Jun Hao said...

what a perfect pet! no poo-cleaning.

ian ng said...

true enough. thing can't get a jumper out of them

KS said...

talk on the phone while wondering on the field with one is nice enough.