Sunday, 13 May 2007

hi to all who share this blog =)

hello everyone..just wanna drop by and have a look at this blog.. *last logged in since Nov 06* keke... how are u Ian? sorry ya disturb ur beloved students here.. i know they''ll be having lotsa stress, and sleepless night for the next few days ahead....(just like ur ex/old "monkeys" are having right now..lolx) really miss chatting wif u Ian.. not being able to see u much..usually just bumped into each other and exchange a few words then off to busy wif our own things.. looking forward for a teh-tarik session wif u, which we agreed on err... bout 6 months ago.. lolx.. and i really miss using this web-blogging thingy *now tak ada liao, dont have tat kinda bond wif lecturer laio.. sad*.. hope im still welcome here...

good luck guys wif ya final model and every other architorture thingy..

p.s.: Ian, i just completed the final model for this Sem.. really love it.. wanna have a look? then perhaps u can giv me some comment? lolx.. *so at least i will be well-prepared for the Presentation day*