Sunday, 13 May 2007

hi to all who share this blog =)

hello everyone..just wanna drop by and have a look at this blog.. *last logged in since Nov 06* keke... how are u Ian? sorry ya disturb ur beloved students here.. i know they''ll be having lotsa stress, and sleepless night for the next few days ahead....(just like ur ex/old "monkeys" are having right now..lolx) really miss chatting wif u Ian.. not being able to see u much..usually just bumped into each other and exchange a few words then off to busy wif our own things.. looking forward for a teh-tarik session wif u, which we agreed on err... bout 6 months ago.. lolx.. and i really miss using this web-blogging thingy *now tak ada liao, dont have tat kinda bond wif lecturer laio.. sad*.. hope im still welcome here...

good luck guys wif ya final model and every other architorture thingy..

p.s.: Ian, i just completed the final model for this Sem.. really love it.. wanna have a look? then perhaps u can giv me some comment? lolx.. *so at least i will be well-prepared for the Presentation day*


ian ng said...

Oops Only just read this Gerald...and I thought the system auto emails me as well.. Looks like something has gone amiss.

Ya we'd better have our teh tarik session before the sem's over! Or before you guys finish Studio 4!

I did chat with Adam a couple of times--at the library recently and sometime back when he judged our Wild Wild West with Yu Keong.

Present Studio 2 had a disastrous pinup last Monday, and it's now postponed to 21 May. If you guys are still pinned up I'll see if I can find some inbetween time to check you out. Hope your present scheme is as exciting as your last sem's.

Incidently you seniors might want to come down on Monday and give your juniors some tips on their design. As long as you don't tip them over completely. C u.


Gerald said...

hahahahaa. tat sounds fanastic.. wanna have a look at their work. will surely bring my cam along.. taking some nice photos...perhaps 1 wif U, Ian? lolx.. well, i hope they will do well by Monday, must be a tough sem for them.. well, if u have time. plz come check out our work and give us some comment =) see u on monday then...