Saturday, 28 April 2007

Final Submission Senior Day Care

Just a few thoughts after seeing what you guys submitted on Friday:

Some of you may want to start making your model immediately, even if your drawn design is not quite resloved 100%. You will probably be able to "finish designing" by completing the model and then draw up based on the model.

Those of you who have one single curved organic "freeform" "non-rectilinear" building may find your model easier to make at a slightly larger scale---maybe even 1:100. You may have to form the curvey form with strips of card.

Generally I think a model at 1:200 may not be impressive enough for most of you. It would be too small to make an impact. Going to 1:150 will not take double the effort but it should almost double the impressiveness.

A model at 1:100 would of course be best, but you have to look at your scheme to see whether a model at 1:100 would be too much work (too big) to handle within the available time left.

About your drawings, if you have to prioritise, I would say the order of importance would be:
  1. Ground Floor (and Lower Ground Floor) Plan @ at least 1:150
  2. 1:50 sections
  3. 1:20 floor-wall-roof section
  4. Site/Roof Plan
  5. the other drawings.



Chern Xi said...

ok... but i think il stick to my current scale...

540 said...

i thought it was either 1:200 or 1:150 for the plans and all.... but i've done 1:200.... so does that mean i have to re-draw again?

ian ng said...

There is no change to the MINIMUM standard requirement announced by the tutors. It is still either 150 or 200 for the basic plans.

However only you yourself know your own rate of work. So if you think you will only have enough time to do MORE THAN THE MINIMUM for only ONE OR TWO items, then I would suggest that you pick according to the list I posted.