Friday, 6 April 2007

Schedule for 9th & 11th April

Please prepare yourselves for an INTERIM CRIT on Wednesday 11 April 2007. Pin up your drawings and submit a study model complete with roof by 1220. The crit starts at 1230 and you will be crit by tutors and guests other than me.

This interim crit is for the whole class and not just our group. Everyone in Studio 2 will be crit.

I will be available as usual on Monday 9 April from 1300-1700. I would like all of you to work in the studio during this time and refer to me for any assistance and comments on your schemes. There will be no bookings onblog, we'll just write a queue list on the board in the studio.

You should target to have a rough study model and full set of drawings (plans, sections, rough elevations) before you come on Monday.

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