Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Studio 3, July 2007 Starts!

Hi guys...we're at it again, after the long silence that plagued Gerald K.

I've just invited 9 peop in my tutorial group to join up as authors on this blog. (3 more need to text me their email adds)

This is inevitable, I'm afraid, as it's about the only way you can get me off-college if you need to say much. Short messages can come through sms. I'm in college only on Studio mornings.

So that you know: This isn't my personal blog as blogs are understood. It's just a vehicle for facilitating my tutorials. But we can of course optimise it by taking it beyond that if you wish---it will really depend on you. I'll respond with whatever reasonable time available. Kinda, promise.

You may want to check out what's gone before.

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