Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Facade design

This is a project where we were required to design a skin for shoplots located at bangsar street. The main idea of the facade is to provide protection to the site as it is overwhelmed by the neighbouring city elements.

The facade is designed to have stilts that are protruding out. Just that the arrangements differs on each side. The stilts from points, lines, and planes where viewed from different angle. Each individual stilts are installed with led lights and heat sensor film. The reason is to provide more variability to the stilts to cater for the high changes of the site.

The montage image is to portrait how the facade changes according to the site as time passes, catering different perspectives for visitors.


KS said...

extremely interesting take on the relationships between site & surrounding.

visually it unifies all the separate shop lots into as though a Single building, gaining a new scale to stand against/match the tower beside it, and eradicating the existing awkwardness.

the crude style matches the area not bad, and interesting shadows wud be cast on the existing shop facades.

alternatively, there's potential for a new kind of signage board system utilizing this new scale and uniformity.

above are all from an urbanistic point of view.
I'm unsure if it can be pleasant from the inside, as an occupant.

KS said...

this is the kind of proposal that looks super simple yet can be backed by a competent level of intellectuality.
don't just look at its cool-ness.