Sunday, 13 April 2008


Unit 5, these will be the last 2 official tutorials, so to let u know what to expect...

Trial runs for verbal presentations will be optional--for those who want to test themselves and get some feedback. You r encouraged to have a go, but i'm making it optional as i know you have a heavy submission schedule going on the whole week. You don't have to show your whole design for the trial run. Just pinning up something as a reference for your verbal presentation will do. The idea is to test your nerves and your sustained and coherent speech for say 3 to 5 mins. We'll start at 10am on Tue. Remaining times will be for individual tutorials.

Unlikely that there'll be much time for tutorials on Thurs as it's pin up and grading time for the last 5% before we break.

I'm in on Wednesday 16.4 as well as I'm standing in for Keith, doing his Unit.

Elsewhere, as usual, I'm available here and at the other usual places at the other usual times.

Keep going, All. It'll all be worth it!

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