Saturday, 3 November 2007

and this is my first floor plan. arrows there showing direction of people coming up from ground floor. the outdoor area is also a proposed area for the people to have their tea there while viewing the river and the tourism spot at the opposite. doted lines are outline of the ground floor plan.

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ian ng said...

Try to regularise the shape of some of the rooms such as the library and lecture hall (instead of having L shapes.) You really have to put it into 3-d so that you can appreciate the spaces and see if they fit together nicely. In the process you'll probably find that you need a few larger dispersal or collection spaces to control the flow and spatial organisation. It is slightly confusing at the moment to move through your building. Reception is too long and shallow on entering.

We can appreciate that you are trying to design the exterior and interior spaces as one entity. But do put up the 3-d model quickly and use it to further study your building.

All best.