Saturday, 11 April 2009


Fence Design for House by Inasreka. Detail Development & Sketchup by Cheng Mao Yang.


KS said...

the shape isn't clearly shown, appears flat from this elev. unless look carefully..
n it seems to hv lost the lightness shown in d blog header..if not the form then problem lies in the sizes of members..consider denser/thinner alternatives?
BUT, ya this is Tough work, it's engineering..MY consider joining ARUP?! n hope my comments don't add ur workload lol

ian ng said...

haha...we did try to be as minimalist as possible, believe me. a different angle will show u the unevenness of the plane. ask MY..haha

BADesign said...

is ur client going to plant something on it? cuz if he does.. the plants will cover up the beauty of the details..

KS said...

haha MY showed me, it's good.
y is there the need to preserve the clean look of the structure?
wudnt it be interesting if u need to move aside the creepers & dirt to find the high-tech details behind? like jurassic park (how to spell)..

BADesign said...

oops.. i guess im a show-off kind of person.. haha.. i'd prefer to show off my nice shiny expensive fence.. haha..