Wednesday, 5 November 2008


The Lecture, 'FINDING PHARAOH' Impressions From Egypt, was delivered this morning along with presentations by Studio 3 students on their Design Intentions for their Commemorative Centre for Taiping and with a briefing by Ms V on Portfolio Strategies.

Some in the audience applied the theory of Adhocism to handle the marathon session. (Thankfully it wasn't during my lecture!)

Definition of Adhocism in Architecture and illustration follows.

Notions of ‘Adhocism’ were coined by architectural designer, theorist, and sometime designer Charles Jencks and Nathan Silver in their book Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation (1972). They considered the ways in which designers could take immediate action through the use of readily available components in ways that had never been conceived in their original design.

(Posted with permission from, and with thanks to, the performer.)


KS said...

lol sadly it was during msV's session~

ian ng said...

when all the essential info for submission was being divulged....sigh, some ppl...