Monday, 10 November 2008

Need comments/help, guys!!

Site: opposite of clock tower

Design Statement:
  1. guide visitors in a spiral circulation.
  2. Smooth flow
material: steel and glass
Need helps....................................
I am tend to take over 5 shop lots but demolish 3 only. The leftover is for the public area: cafeteria and souvenir shop. Area of each shop is 4.5 m x 19m. Is it possible for me to do so? Design idea is shown as below:

Top view

View from the clock tower



ian ng said...

nothing wrong with the concept. i take it that the red lines indicate your bld and where the red lines go over the exisiting shophouses it means that the ex shophouses will be demolished. Ok, the. 3m is just too low for the ground and first floor. The old shophouses would usually be at least 12 feet. You can see how your floor to floor do not match up with RHB bank.

The central void can be more than just cylindrical. It can have its own organic form.

Just plan it out. No need to wait. Things will be revealed when u get into the detail design.

ian ng said...

I meant, "Ok, then."

Joo said...

Agreed. 3m is too low. Maybe can make your entrance/foyer in GF open to the 1st floor, so your GF will have a combined height of 6m, to make it more 'grand'. Then as u move into the gallery, u lower the ceiling height back to 3m to get an intimate feeling (or whatever that u wan the visitors to feel).

Btw, whats the point of sharing the roof with the shoplot?

ian ng said...

For fixed, unified forms such as your bubble, one of the best ways to enter the building is to go throung the "in-between" spaces. Betw the old and new. Then u can see the clean sweep of the curved wall in totality.