Thursday, 15 February 2007 the end of Session 1

Ok guys...Session 1 is over, and we've got to get ready for Session 2...

Let me just say that it wasn't easy for me to let go of any one of you. We'd kinda built up some sort of relationship, and I could see that I was getting through with the vast wonders of the making of architecture, stuff that would excite you. Stuff that I know you are capable of producing. That most of you had begun to respond and move out of your "normal" way of thinking was, to me, sheer delight. That I am unable to complete the journey with some of you is, well... sedihlah.

But the demands of practicalities are such that we had to be together for a bit, and then split. We say a small goodbye to Tung Yeng, Shamhad, Yee Peng, Vincent, Celdrick, Kit Nam and Pei Yee. "Small" because we're still together (probably crammed up in the same studio!) and you're still very welcome in this blog community and also to approach me at any time (when I'm free) for tutoring or anything. (As my students are free to consult Ms Kwok & Ms Shereen.) It's one big freeflow of brainwaves.

The good consolation is that Shereen is absolutely wonderful as a tutor! As you might have already felt this afternoon.

I have to put on record that the tutors' decision on how to regroup was not based on personal likes or dislikes but on our experience as tutors of the characters, design energies and natural synergies needed to make each group "balanced" and equally vibrant. And, of course, students' personal decisions to try working with another tutor were respected (with no offence taken at all.)

I'm left with Azri, Howard, Niven, Roger, Rosalind, Rozalee, Siti, Sudono, Simon, Yin Lih, Chern Xi, Hui Ching and Patrick.

So let's get the show on the road...

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