Saturday, 17 February 2007

Happy Luna New Year

Here's fond wishes for a good New Year to those to whom it means something.

May we kick off with dreams that come true. I mean, like...on submission day?

This building is under construction in Beijing. The CCTV Building by OMA, engineered by Ove Arup.
Anything is possible.


Froze_Saken said...
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Froze_Saken said...

Oh my god! I am really impressed and interested in this building... How can such building be done in a way that all the construction manners that I've gained so far does not really fit into this building. I will really be glad to learn about this building. Ian, is there any website that consists of the technologies and techniques that help to understand this building.

Celdrick Wong! said...

I really impress about the construction of the building which is totally change my mind about sumthg 'imposible' . It is bcoz, for me, who is being mindset, wont design sumthg that is impossible, the worst is not even think of it, unless the technologies is being discovered.haha..i should change my attitude in designing from now~~

ian ng said...

Check out the architectural firm, OMA; or Ove Arup (one of the best engineering firms in the world.)

It's not really that impossible if you think about it.

Who is froze_saken? PLEASE, guys, always sign off with a name we all recognise. Thank you.

V.Patrick Yap said...

Sorry Ian, forze_saken is me, patrick. I kinda used to the nickname over the net.

@lee said...

apa la patrick...hahahaha