Thursday, 1 February 2007

i take 13.40

As we are running seriously out of time (at the rate most of you are going) I am changing the schedule for next week. We won't have the crit by Ms Kwok. There will be no pinup. You will get personal crits from me, 20 minutes each. We must go like clockwork so everybody gets equal time. So come prepared, with much stuff, don't be late (or you'll lose your slot.)After 7 Feb it's production time. You'll have to get down to doing the best drawings and models ever! No change in final submission deadline---4pm Valentine's Day.Copy the schedule below, insert your name and repost. First come first served. I'll be in Cambodia till Sunday (so will not access the blog.)Monday 5 Feb1300132013401400 -celdrick Wong1420 -Wong Chern Xi1440 - Pang Tung Yeng1500 -Teh tarik break1520 -Niven Ng1540 -1600 -1620 -1640 - Some students' work last sem (Ian's show)Wednesday 7 Feb1300 -1320 -1340 -1400 -1420 -1440 -1500 - Teh tarik break1520 -1540 -1600 -1620 -1640 - Closing lecture

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