Monday, 12 February 2007

Submission 14 & 26 Feb

14 Feb:
You are advised to place your model in a box as it will be stacked one on top of another due to our lack of table space. No change in time of submission. Pls label model with your student i.d. north point, scale, and project title and date (February 2007 will do). Project Title to be "House for (Artist's Name). Mark II, (Name of place) Malaysia"

26 Feb:
2 A1 drawings, 1 Analytical Study sheet (per group) and Mark I. I am allowing the freedom to combine the 2 A1 drawings into 1 A0 sheet. And the content does not have to be 50/50 in terms of the drawing area. It can be a smart collage with an heirarchy of emphasis of content components. You should be thinking of how the sheet will appear as you stand in front of it to present your ideas. Lots of small things could be a strain on the eye. Think "advertising", think "selling", think "coverage" of project requirements. And, always, think "wit".

Chinese New Year should be happy. I'm already happy thinking of the wonderful show ahead!

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