Friday, 9 February 2007

submission schedule - Mark II

There appears to be some confusion about the change in submission schedule announced by Ms Kwok and sms by me today.

The new schedule is a joint decision by Ms Kwok and me. Be assured that we consult each other before major decisions such as today's.

The new schedule shall stand.

I merely sms some that they can (if for some strange reason they so desire) stick to our original deadline if they wish, but no extra marks are awarded for handing in early. (But, of course, you all know that marks are deducted for coming in late!)

One further announcement: Bring in your site photos and a location plan on Monday. I'd like to see if there is a suitable site among yours for our next project.

Right now you should all be having loads of fun making your models! Remember---if you aren't excited with your model, chances are your artist-client won't enjoy living in that house either. So let's see lots of smiling faces on Monday! Go for originality! Be bold! Let's see something we haven't seen before!

You may post your work in progress if you want quick comments before Monday.

Have fun!

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