Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Calvary Sunshine Home / Wed program

The latest arrangement for visiting Sunshine Home (see map) after my discussion with Ms Lee this morning is this:

My group---be there 5 mins before 1100h Wed for our 40 min visit.

We will return immediately to College after that and I will crit the remaining ones who didn't get crits yesterday. Starting no later than 1230 I'll be doing (not in order) Rosalind, Tung Yeng, Shamad, Yee Peng, Vincent, Celdrick, Pei Yee. (Did I miss out anyone?) We should finish at 1400h.
Others in my group should be busying away with the site model and site analysis. REPEAT: Try to finish the site model the same day (if you haven't finished it already.)

Ms Kwok's group will visit Sunshine Home with me at 1600. Be 5 minutes early please.

Ms Lee's group will visit the Home on Friday at 1100h with Ms Lee.
Somebody pls info Ms Lee that you have received this info.

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