Friday, 28 March 2008


Now if this were a Studio 3 design project and you pinned up this solution on presentation day what grades would your tutors give you?


bblsh said...

well...surely fail la!!!But somehow got some ppl who can talk well maybe can make dis situation better than it looks...However, i dont think anybody can avoid from getting failed from dis kind of solution...

MY said...

A+. for his creativity. haha..

Issac said...

As MY said, A+ for Creativity!
As well as, honest, direct, lovely, innocence& sincere mind =D
But, F for education mark =/
What mark will u give, Ian?

sa!nt said...

actually it depends on how u define the word 'find'. so.......this person 's got good sense of humor. i like. heh.

ian ng said...

For Interim Crit I will give A, V will give D, and K will give F.

For Final Presentation I will give C, V will give E-, and K will give...."Recommended to be demoted to Studio 2 next sem".

(This post will self-destruct in 3 days.)

jinno_6 said...

technically.... i think the person will fail badly....fiu...
in the other hand, he/she did answer the question, did he? haha... sometime answering question straight to the point will b better. for example:-

lecturer: did u attend to the studio class this morning?

student: erm.... this morning i went to see the doctor during studio class.

shud b a "NO"! need not giving unwanted information. jus straight to what the question asked.i think all of us hv this problem (yes i really am....)

anyway, thing like this wont hv a clear statement of right o wrong coz it make sense in other point of view.jus depend on how u judge.

i think i am the student in the example...hehe

LuvEiEi said...

to ian, hahahahaha xD
nice one!!!!