Tuesday, 25 March 2008



ian,tis is space tat i arrange so far,the form wil roughly look like the 1st pic.

space that i arrange is whn ppl cm in frm entrance,thy wil go to reception n get any info thy nd,thn juz go forward. my trade is lion n dragon dance,so,lion n dragon r always jumping n flying around,nvr stop in a place,so thr r no path way in my gallery,let visitor can feel free to walk around.generally ground floor is retail,reception n casher,1st floor is gallery n workshop. a public toilet wil b in ground floor also.

2nd floor would b my private plc!!storage,office,kitchen n a private toilet all in 2nd floor.
the performace area wil b the plc gather all the visitor together.
erm,i thk that is all.oh!!sry for not going cls on ytd(monday),coz c doc~well!after checking,doc said my right thummy is alright,stil can work very well!!thx god~Haha..

n again,sry for '部落根 英文(BROKEN ENG) ' ya.haha..anythg juz post a comment..thx..


ian ng said...

guys pls comment for lik..i'm too tired, now.

glad your thummy is still chummy.

black belt what dan?

bblsh said...

where is hwa lik site? Same wif me?bridge site or triangle?

ian ng said...


Lik, this is too safe a scheme. Sure pass...but....

It looks like a glass box..maybe it's the way you've drawn it. Walls all around and all the way top to bottom? It needs some sheltered but not walled-in spaces here and there, esp on the ground floor.

How are you responding to the triangle with a structure of some sort? Why not let the performance space be at an upper level like some kind of platform/slab/knife shooting out from the main mass of your building so ppl walking all around and hanging out at the triangle can have a free show? Accentuate the centrality of the triangle. Why not treat your building like a multi-tiered performance rig? With dynamic moving parts. Have you ever attended a rock concert?

For a public building, one circular staircast serving more than 2 floors is not safe--it's a fire risk. And 3m floor to floor is too low. Upper floors need to be at least 3.5m and Gf being big arrival gathering place should be more. Think of what the space will feel like when you're in it. What feeling/effect do you want to achieve?

(Guys, I misinformed you about road headroom clearance for the fire brigade--it should be at least 16 feet minimum, not 3.8m. Add some to the 16 ft. for safe clearance. Sorry.)

Office no need so big. Retail layout (shelves) a bit boring.

But the model is exciting!!--like a walking insect, like War of the Worlds.

Taekwondo ppl should be more keng... And lions and dragons are not lame.

Issac said...

D.F.-Jon² "Wink Wink"
Hi, Lik
My comment just base on ur plans & sections that u show above coz i dunno where exactly ur building location to the triangle site
*(Share with me next class, keke..)

1)Where's the exit? Is it sharing with entrance?

2)If above is valid, then the only spiral staircase might bore visitors to experience back those places already visited.

Above is ownself opinions, pls correct& comment me...

Find 1 day, call semua taekwando kaki go training =D

ian ng said...

fuiyoh....you another tkd kaki

Euric said...

probably you would like to figure out the experiental portion of your design? think levels, dynamism in space volumes..