Monday, 10 March 2008


Keble College, Oxford by Ahrends Burton & Koralek

Building new FOR old.

Understanding that in this context the architecture is as much in the spaces contained (the quadrangles) as it is in the container (the buildings).

And in so understanding, to subsume individual architectural expression to "completing the puzzle". (Sorry, I'm putting this very badly, it's just too late now.) The new building is the snakey one--Hayward & De Breyne.

Understanding the need to match the scale of the existing but not its form of construction.

Mid Pic shows The Chapel by William Butterfield and the quadrangle it helps to form.

Last Pic shows the new building in steel and glass facing the newly formed quads, with a completely brick skin facing the roads on the other side.

A late modern building at its best.

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