Friday, 14 March 2008


Ok guys, I'm telling you ahead of time. Haven't discussed with Veron and Keith yet. But as the design process is one long learning process in understanding SITES & CONTEXTS in relation to PROGRAMMES (i.e. trades) I feel it's ok to change any of them as long as the outcomes each step of the way show an increasing understanding of them and, more importantly, an INCREASE IN THE QUALITY OF OUTCOMES. And as long as you know within yourself that you can manage to produce all the final outcomes required. Practically there will be a cut off point beyond which you will be well advised NOT to change. My opinion is that that point is about NOW.

So do some serious reflection now and discuss your decision persuasively (with drawings) at the next crit.

I have already told Hwa Lik he can change his site as he has good reasons.

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