Thursday, 27 March 2008


Today, Ian asked me, who are my heroes in architecture. And i was like hmm, well i like buildings that are contemporary, clean cut, straight to the point and what i call "organized mess". So, who are my heroes? First that came out of my mouth was Norman Foster. Then, it was Tadao Ando. Then, i said MAD studio. And i definitely like SOM (they are going to build a tower probably taller than klcc opposite klcc). LOL.

So, who are your HEROES ?? why ?? or you can say who are your VILLAINS.. haha..


Jon da Penang said...
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Jon da Penang said...

sir norman of cuz, hes very exciting in his own ways of his design, the language he shows using glass and metals, well im just attracted to that, but what i really like about him is that when he blends in with the old, he does it with his own big manner, very modern, very shiney, mostly icons that u just cant ignore...but it somehow still looks nice with the old fabric surroundings..and they may also be improving how people see the old beside his "new" buildings...thats mostly what i love about him.

but its not just the case of that, norman as great as he is, clinks on the times and place of the site as well, the ability to response to wtv situations and still be true to his signature style or so called "agenda of design" huh..lols..

another thing wud be his sense of business...such a large firm...with so many kaki tangan under his wing, designing so many buildings around the world each can only wish to be like him someday. someday...hehe..

Richard Lee said...

unfortunately i dun have any particular hero...i love many architect for what they may believe in...but i am not entirely in agreement with everything they no one that i can embrace as a hero that i believe in totally...

good for you if you have a hero...perhaps im my own

however, i do have design ideals that i hold fast to. most often i over-think my work because of these ideals.. but i believe in how architecture can impact a community whether good or bad.. i am concerned with culture, history, lifestyle, memory, sentiment,,,things that make us who we are as human beings... i am not concern about how decon or how twisted or how against-the-norm my work is...rather how my work can influence the users and users to come.. how it contributes to the social fabric...i think about em alot.. sometimes too much..

so... ne suggestions who might fit my hero profile? Richard Lee perhaps? lol

Issac said...
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ian ng said...

We all want to contribute to the social fabric (both the built and the human) and that's what we're all trying to learn now...and forever. BUT you don't want to be so paralysed by the "moral compulsion" that you can't move your pencil or press the keys. You just have to go in there, be alive to needs, bring some of yourself to it, and, most importantly, have some fun. If you're not having fun chances are the end user won't either.

My heroes? not so many, not the superfamous. More for personal reasons. Ed Cullinan. We connected in Plymouth. I'll post his website next. And, shock shock, the Introduction sounds like some of you guys talking about your schemes...hahaha

"We are interested in changing patterns of use, satisfying the needs of the users, responding to the context, whether urban or rural, and conserving energy."