Wednesday, 26 March 2008

UM Studio2 - Cafe Gallery

Ian, Murphy here. Heres what i have for the time being. The details are not there yet but the it looks more or less like this. The basic form.

The main roofs are taken out to show the circulation. The fluid floor planes..

The last pic shows the facade's detail.

Comment yaa.



Issac said...

Hi, Murphy~
Nice to meet u *Wink²

Euric said...

whao...that's sumthin to admire! Just a quick question, wt software do u use to render such beauty?

Richard Lee said...

i have a question 2 only...and whats the size of ur site again? its awfully huge comparing to what is given to us in studio 3..i bet that plot of land is way larger than

kelvin said...

hallo murphy~~ welcome~
hmm.... i cant really give comment anything due to the lacking of informations.. mayb u can try to briefly talk about the design intention, concept, ideas, circulation, forms, approch and so on ... those wud convince me more~ * Come on dont be shy * :)
it looks interesting base on the 3d model, i do like the way u utilised the roof as part of ur space( for some activities ) becoz i did it for my last project as well ...

Fogged said...

i would like 2 talk more bout the concept n ideas but not now la.. rushing for the final now. ask Ian. he knows. basically its a Jaguar fan club n respecting the site is 1 of the tools in designing tis project.

software... i use 3dsmax n may b will use vray for the final rendering.

yea the site is huge. 2500sqm i thk... we can build up 2 the boundaries since its categorized as commercial.

请多多指教 oso.. hehheh..

BADesign said...

i see that u have the webbing like structure at places where the roof structure touches the ground. will that webbing be applied to the entire roof ?? if it does.. it'll be very good..

ian ng said...
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ian ng said...

Very seductive presentation. I wouldn't mind a hint of colour and night views with light sources from inside. Appropriate imagery for the Jaguar.

I'm sure you're working out a good set of plans. This needs a few sections to explain the scheme properly.

It's probably too late now but the organic lines want to be carried through throughout the building. You have some boxy rooms inside? Make them organic if you can and let them blend into the fluid bio-structure.

It's one of those buildings that want to stand in an open landscape. On Jalan Sultan as an infill...? It'll be interesting to see how you've resolved the interstitial spaces between the 2 neighbouring buildings. (You have to go by scale and feeling--experientiality--here.)The hill at the back will be less of a problem.

Presentation on Monday? I'll try to make it. What time are you on?

Take a break, Mate... yor orite di. Very good work.

(What are those Chinese words?)