Monday, 17 March 2008


Now, some hardworking soul has to just dig up something about the original police station. And all old glory will be restored.


analnymous said...

To further add-on about penang's once glorious past; Click the following links to read more:

Don't freak out with "angkor" in the link above just yet, it's just an ironically named link. -_-|||

However, mr ian, the old police station, like the Black Pearl is still sunken in anonimosity. Will keep finding.

ian ng said...
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ian ng said...

I just wonder...What is it about trams and trolleys that brings out the romance in us? Is it the slower it the non-polluting energy it the immediate post-industrial it the reliability of it's service that instills trust and peace of it the public ownership-use that encourage community consciousness? Or what? Are those qualities transferrable to our architecture?