Saturday, 22 March 2008


Just so there's no misunderstanding, pls know that this blog is open to participation by ALL Studio 3 students: It's not restricted to only Unit 5. I don't believe in exclusivity.

If you wish to post and comment pls send me an email: and I'll put you in.

You are free to post on any matter relating to your course, architecture & design, learning, life... You are of course free to post your schemes here for crits, not just from me but from your colleagues as well...and maybe from some of your seniors already in Melbourne (if they're not too drunk every night..haha...YJ r u reading this?) I can't see that you have anything to lose. And there is a silent code that we all be constructive in our crits.

My official input time are the 2 studio mornings each week. This blog is an "extra" facility that I initiated out of necessity. I feel it helps. I didn't make a grand announcement at the start of the semester as I'm not one for self-aggrandizement. But as things have developed I am enormously encouraged by your energy, enthusiasm and selflessness--hence this little announcement. The going's on here shouldn't be the privilege of the select few. So, you may want to tell your mates.

(The unit system, incidently, as I mentioned to Lester earlier, is, again, a child of necessity. While V & K and I are there for ALL students equally, there's still a need for each student to have one tutor to fall back on if he/she feels nobody wants him/her...haha. I wish I could take more than one unit, but time does not permit me that pleasure.)

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