Tuesday, 18 March 2008

fumourous snydicate

firstly just to clearify somethings here,

a post was published in penang on saturday selling to you guys the pics and info "my boygang and i" and i qoute, took from the second site visit of the khoo kongsi site, the stage site, the wall site, the bridge site, the triangle site, and bits of miss v's site.....was just a joke......sorry for the confusion.

it may seemed real as some of u innocently looking people...haha...ask us for pics and is ready to pay...sorry for that, it was just a simple prank from silly us to you...

hopefully this clears things up a bit. so for anything u want from what we have mentioned minus the money, can come get pics or ask further info from me...jonathan of penang, bad boy lee sheng hao, fong yen jinno, lester xi yong chun ping, n benson architecture design....

secondly, i think it would be best if we introduce ourself here as we all use our errmmm.. "street names"...yup...that is all...i think...thank you for your time.

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