Sunday, 23 March 2008

interior spaces

panoramic view

top view

Below is my words to Ian... (im not selfish lar~~ juz feel paiseh to show sometimes)haha

Ian, here comes my initial concept model which is a tai chi-stuff making traditional trade centre. I would like to ask some comment b4 I got into arranging int. spaces. The first idea comes from the urban surrounding of the penang which is quiet massive and most of them are the similar, shop-houses, rectangular shape, flat facades, nicely arrange. So my intention is to create another world inside an unapparent site. I “deconstruct” and distort it (whatever geometric forms can be seen on the street) to become into fragment, imperfect and uneven unusual shapes, for the exterior and the interior spaces as well.
In terms of site response, I would make a clearly and see through façade to the Cannon Square, Stage & Khoo’s temple- “public space” and enclose the façade which facing the resident – “private space”. I am going to demolish and replace the old wall which doesn’t carry any meaning. The wall (facing to khoo’s temple) is a part of the building and they are linked. The façade and wall of the building create a boundary line and actually act as a barrier.
This building itself doesn’t have a grand or welcoming entrance. In order to maintain the humbleness of the building, as you can see, there is a small little structure which is facing to the small route (entrance) in the courtyard. This is my main entrance links to the building through underground.
In terms of interior, they are composed of layers, spaces, and ramps which are actually interesting. And I am gonna make a 1 floor lower down in the middle part which goes to the zig –zag opening at the top (roof).
Any comment that can be offered here and will definitely be appreciated. Feel free to throw in any other random thoughts as well hehe! Thank you !

Ian replies:

The strength of your scheme is that you appear to have solved ALL the problems of this rather difficult site. Make a list of what the design problems are and how you believe you have solved them. And let me check you. (Meaning, against what I know your jury will ask.)

One of the best things about your scheme is that you have not gone wild and built all over the place. It shows a great deal of control and discipline. And yet it is not a dull building by any means. You should now go into detailed design fully aware of how you have maintained this control and see if you can "stretch" the spatial and formal characteristics to get the maximum effect. For example the high part of your building---can it go a bit higher for a bigger wow! without getting offensive to the surrounding buildings, without blocking things like important views. Or the curved part---would it be more interesting, sexier, if it were just a little bit more curved.

It looks like you have enough spatial variety including inside and outside spaces (and possibly potential inside-outside spaces) and enough awareness of opaque and transparent surfaces. Presumably there will also be translucent surfaces, shiny surfaces, matt surfaces, surfaces layered with screens and stuff.

One thing you should put some serious thot to is the entrance mass of your building. You have pushed it against the separating wall, you have pushed it towards the gable elevation of Khoo Kongsi. Advantage: you have an entrance forecourt at the end of the lane. Disadvantage: you're blocking the beautiful gable elevation from the lane approach. (Maybe partly.) Why not win-win? If you pulled this mass towards the lane side, you will get an entrance nearer to the end of the lane. You also get an inner entrance courtyard flanked by your entrance mass and Khoo Kongsi, also a nice surprise on entering your front doors. You sacrifice the forecourt for this--but heck, a forecourt with the back lane on one side can't be too pretty.

You need to cut many sections now to help you plan the lines of your building. 1 long section and at least 3 cross sections, probably 4. The sections should be taken way into the surrounding buildings and spaces and right across the roads to the shophouses on the other side so that you can get your sight lines accurate. Sight lines meaning what you want to see, and from where, and for whom; what you want to block and for what effect, etc. Don't worry about the construction and materials yet--you still have some time--but you must get the internal planning and the sectional design spot-on first.

Hurry...if you start today you will be just on time...if you start tomorrow, you'll be too late... (My Add Maths teacher used to say that...may God rest her soul...if she's gone on.)

Ar.Ian A S Ng


Interior Designer


please give me some of ur valuable opinions~ thanks in advance!

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BADesign said...


there goes the quota for one of the As...

*clap clap*

BADesign said...

josh wants to share some stuff with you guys through my account.. lol.. cuz he doesnt have one yet.. so..


I love the roof plan! Definitely a lot of potential in the models and ideas.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys some stuff but I realise there's no tagboard or anything, so here goes Joshua's List of Things To Inspire You If You Are Stuck:
1. Canada's National Ballet School
Notice the intersecting glass building that eats into an old re-skinned heritage building?I like the scale of it and how the facade fits into the context.
2. Zaha Hadid's internal installation
I like how it disturbs the void and creates internal connectivity.
3.Beacon by Hal Ingberg
A street intervention that seeks to create illusions and a visual connection.

(I saw these things in Surface magazine whilst lunching where I work, so check out the mag for more I guess.)

jinno_6 said...

bravo kelvin.....u c! u jus come out a good piece of work...keep it on bro...

Jon da Penang said...

i am enlightened..haha...thanks kel, uv a great mind, thanks for sharing...

ian ng said...

There's no quota. Everyone can get an A.
---but don't forget, I said "potentially". Things could still fall apart... (One of the nicest things about being a tutor is that you can be truthful and scary all at the same time. hehe...or is it muahaa...? u guys do have strange languages.)

One more quick post on sook tin's subject and I'm packing it in. Have to be there at 730h while you lazy gits are still snoring away. 3-0 is enough for me. No need to know the other one.

kelvin said...

olla! lazy worm juz got back! yay 3-0 big win!
hey hope u guys can gain something from this sharing and dont forget to leave ur comment " the paling harsh 1 " if u can. anyway i was fated to get b since studio 1 .. so just try my best and so u all ..
Ian i have a suggestion! regarding to the layout of this blog.. u could improve it better like add a chat box and any interesting stuff.. lets ROck this bLog! Lets make this blog fill with wonder!

*jon teh tarik ya! *

kelvin said...
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Issac said...

"Duplicate from Jon"
"Wink Wink"

Fuyoh~Kelin (Ops, i missed the "v"wahahahaha~

I feel ur current design has a much more interesting in term of the flow of spaces, it looks so attractive, if free, remember bring me go visit ur visitor centre!

Im ok with ur form, it's respectful enuf as i feel. But why dont being respectful and persist ur own characteristic at the same time (Win²)

2ndly, i guess u r going to demolish the "meaningless old wall" but why dont u dedicate ur intresting court yard to Mr.Khoo rather than those neighbours

Above r juz my own opinions, pls correct me if im wrong =D

"Wink Wink"
For Jon² n Kelvin, got teh tarik, ajak me along la, ish~ =P

Issac said...
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kelvin said...

hi isex haha.. *i know u dont mind*..
ok i will take note about ur comments.. thx! and here are my tots, actually in the ealry stage i was thinking to demolish the wall,and make the cannon sq khoo's kongsi as a public space. but in the end, i was shooted down by ian with couples of issues which means we cant really exceed the bounds. unless u have a better idea or aguementation to fight for it, im so looking forward for it, must be very exciting !
if not mistaken, u r still doing Khoo's site, u nid to pay attention to it , for ur more information, u can check out the previous post ( khoo's site ), it may help u alot! (thx to Eujin for the great comment)
err.. one more thing.. i dont really get wat u mentioned - why dont being respectful and persist ur own characteristic at the same time (Win²).. can i hv more detail information ? thx ya ! apreciate it very much !

Issac said...

ISex ur head la *slap~!kekeke

Wat i mean is i feel ur building bow too much to Emperor Khoo ;) ( my own feeling)
Actually i cant really comment much until i see ur model's proportion. What i comment above is base on ur panoramic's view.
So, remember bring ur model and share with me while next crit

kelvin said...

JINNO !! where are u !? its time for u to say something lor!! lolz

ian ng said...

Picking up 2 points which I missed in the rush of happenings.. Kelvin, my shooting you down business was to alert you to the security and ownership-separation issue (which we've all discussed) but it doesn't mean that there can't be a negotiated cross-use of spaces between the Khoos and your management. I recall mentioning gantries, like drawbridges, being lowered down from your first floor when your pax want to descend to practise their martial arts on Cannon Square. "Wah! so dramatic!" you had said. Neighbourliness is often a case of compromise for mutual benefit. You can design-in neighbourliness.

The other point is...yeah! I'd love to rock this blog, but unfortunately I have reached the limit of my i.t. skills...haha. So dunno how to do it.

Hope Jinno is not still too homesick to be alive..