Monday, 31 March 2008

A Beautiful Lie

this is a song by 30 Seconds From Mars - a beautiful lie, a favourite song of mine la. i found this video recently. the reason i post this video is because inside this video, there's a part which talks about global warming thing, that the arctic ice is melting and it'll eventually causes danger to the lowlands and the whole world. you can see it at the beginning and the ending.

so i was thinking, even the celebrities care about the global warming, and we(in future) are playing even bigger role than them, is it enough with what we're doing now? i mean by designing environmental friendly, sustainability, etc etc kind of buildings..

and one interesting thing i'm thinking is, WHAT IF someday this world has completely taken over by the water? all the whatever architecture you call will be destroyed.. except some underwater buildings of course. so.. what i'm thinking is, should we start designing buildings which can survive the disaster now? what do you think?
(you might think this post is completely rubbish but i already started think about it since last sem's bicycle shed.. and actually it was one of my concept..)


Issac said...

Hi~ Mao kor!
Environmental friendly building...
Yea, im quite aware of the global warming issues and im glad to hear that u already on ur way for proposing the "SAVE THE WORLD" mission. I'll join u as 1 of the Fantastic 4 HEROES!! ;)
But about ur issue "WHAT IF someday this world has completely taken over by the water?"
i think this hardly happen before we die XD (Personal opinion)
Coz nowadays, many countries already beware of the pollutions problems.
*I hope my architecture can stand Nuclear Destruction =/ (Underground can a?)

ian ng said...

global warming is a big, big issue. None of us can ignore it. So, what are the issues in it?