Saturday, 15 March 2008

LIVE from Penang Day 1 Post 1

Weather Report: Cloudy and gloomy
Rain fall: Drizzles
Temperature: 27 - 30
Political climate: Demonstrations expected
Site conditions: Yet to know

Sites of the day:
1. Bridge site
2. Triangle site
3. Khoo kongsi site
4. Stage site
5. Wall site

Due to the overwhelming DEMAND for information on the Khoo kongsi site, those who require the information shall pay for our entrance fees. Thank You.

Also available:
- Aerial shots of your site from the 60th floor of KOMTAR only at RM 9.99 per photo.
- Photographs of the sites @ RM 0.99 each
- Additional information @ RM 0.50 each
- Panoramic views from the site at ONLY RM 5

Promotion package:
- A folder containing 50 photos at ONLY RM 35

We will try our best to get as much information as possible.
Stay tuned for the next report. =)


LuvEiEi said...

hahahahaha xD what la u Benson!!
so do i nit to pay for the stage site?? hmmm.. expensivenya~
anyway, a big thanks to all of u!!
remember to ask Jon Jon to take more photos of the stage site!! ^^

ian ng said...

Info on the Balai Polis (an illustration if possible) will be useful for those struggling with the Triangle (who will of course be only too glad to pay you..)